It contains authoritative information provided by the competent bodies on school leaving qualifications giving access to Higher Education in the national system of education.

This information is gathered by the consortium thanks to the contribution of competent authorities within the ENIC-NARIC networks and it is updated on requirement. You can check the last update of the information at the bottom of each entry.

Any diploma or other certificate issued by a competent authority attesting the successful completion of an education programme and giving the holder of the qualification the right to be considered for admission to Higher Education. (*)

This database can be used by students, admission officers, guidance practitioners, ENIC-NARIC centres, ministries, funding agencies.

Access (to higher education) is the right of qualified candidates to apply and to be considered for admission to Higher Education. (*)

Admission (to Higher Education institutions and programmes) is the act, or system for, allowing qualified applicants to pursue studies in Higher Education at a given institution and/or a given programme. (*)

There are some school leaving qualifications which have an expiry date meaning the date by which the diploma loses its validity in that country.

The timeframe by which a particular qualification/certificate was/is used. For example, a qualification template might have been withdrawn but it’s still valid for access to Higher Education purposes.

Conditions that must in all cases be fulfilled for access to Higher Education, or to a given level thereof, or for the award of a Higher Education qualification at a given level. (*)

Verification is a process to validate the authenticity of an educational document.

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Not all qualifications are listed at this stage and some have yet to be added.

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(*) Ref. Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region, Lisbon Recognition Convention (1997) full text